Wednesday, August 27, 2008

love to LOVE

love to LOVE method home products. they clean very well, they smell great, they look cool and they are GREEN... we all know how i feel about that. my favorite are the laundry products. i love the way my clothes smell. so fresh. they are available at target stores. yes, they are a little pricey, but give them a try and you may love to LOVE them too!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


j is for jargon...i don't understand most of what he says

e is for envelope...he likes to push it

r is for reader...he does this a lot

m is for mercy...he has lots

t is for train wreck...which does not describe his mercy

e is for (see above)

c is for conservative...duh

h is for halo...if you look closely above his head, you'll see one...okay...maybe not

Monday, August 25, 2008

my dark cloud friend

in honor of jermtech week:

jermtech is a dark cloud friend
he'll be the dark cloud til the end
when he sits on the dark cloud couch
he sits up straight, he does not slouch

he makes all of those around him think
and may do so through a link
some people may call him cynical
but he just may be at his pinnacle

jermtech is a talented guy
the only thing he can't do is fly
he loves music and he loves tech
but his mercy gifts are a train wreck

his office may be a bit messy at times
i think he really loves mimes
he loves God and loves his wife
and has two beautiful daughters in his life

this week is to honor our friend
who would be there for us til the end
you may not see him cryin'
because to jermtech it's "dark cloud or die tryin'"

Friday, August 22, 2008

love to LOVE

i love to LOVE sharpies. all of the colors?!? the array of writing utensils?!? i use them all the time for almost every task. they are my favorite thing to write with. and i love to LOVE that they come in so many colors that i can do different things with different colors. also, i get bored with writing in one color all of the time. i like to switch it up with my mood, and sharpies allow me to do that! love to LOVE them!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

love to LOVE

i love to LOVE york mints. buy some... they are so good. they're part candy (ok...mostly candy), and part mint. i would not recommend these as breath fresheners, but as a fun after-dinner mint.

Friday, August 15, 2008

love to LOVE

i love to LOVE camelbak water bottles. they are spill proof and most importantly bpa free. i find them superior to nalgene because there is a spout instead of a screw cap, which is kind of a pain. my sister introduced me to these fantastic bottles. they run around $13, but are MUCH better for the environment and will save mucho $$$ on bottled water!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


i am a wimp. i have not read "crazy love" yet. i am scared of it. i KNOW i will have to change things, and i am not sure if i am ready for that. i WILL read it. not sure when.

love to LOVE

okay...once again, i have allowed much time to pass without a post. i have thoughts about many possibilities, but in the meantime, i am going to steal an idea from my friend, Gretchen Lee. her blog has become my favorite blogs to read! i love to LOVE Gretchen Lee's blog! i am a bloglines girl. and i read new blog posts in a specific order...favorite one last. Gretchen Lee's blog owns the spot. what i love is that we all have those things, sometimes small, sometimes very significant, that we LOVE. when i read it, sometimes i think "i love to LOVE that too", or "i need to check that out". SO, i am stealing the idea...more love to LOVE's coming, but for today...i love to LOVE Gretchen Lee's blog!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


i'm about to embark on reading "crazy love" by francis chan. check it out here. i'm really nervous about reading this book. i know others who have read it, and it jacked with them. i'm excited, but i know change will have to follow. do i have it in me? we'll find out!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


i haven't blogged in a while! OOPS! here's the's no secret that ol' k-town is lacking in culture and valuable experiences, so instead of sitting around bitching about it, i decided to make a list of things to do this summer. i need some help! if you know of anything in the indy area i should add, or how to direct my list, please let me know!

farmers market (looking for a good one)
art museum
childrens museum
new library
really good italian restaurant (no chains)

recommend away...

Friday, April 25, 2008


this is not about politics (well, it is, but i'm not going into who to support, who not to, or my personal feelings on the topic), but i am going to see barack tonight right here in k-town. this is monumental for politics to visit indiana, much less kokomo. so i am going. should be really interesting.

i am also adding a blog segment called "koko-moments". this will consist of things i experience around town that are "interesting" for lack of a better term. stay tuned...

(chances are i'll have a koko-moment after tonight!)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

earth day

april 22 is earth day. each year i try to do something tangible to make the earth a little more green. last year, i considerably lowered the amount of trash i throw away. i use very little paper towel, few napkins, and try to reuse things when i can. i pay close attention to ingredients in food and cosmetics, and use earth friendly cleaners. this year, i am going to start recycling. (i know some people would be shocked to know that i do not currently do this...well, i don't...yet.) and i want to accumulate enough reusable bags that i don't have the waste of grocery bags. (that one may take a while) i think it's important to protect the earth that God has blessed us with. hey, i never claimed to be conventional =-)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

my kid

my kid makes me laugh. hard. he is a joy to me...however, this picture is a bit disturbing. how old do you have to be for counseling?

(no, this is not the post that is "coming soon")

Sunday, April 13, 2008

new post...

...coming soon. just got back from passion in atl. trying to wrap my head around some stuff. when i do, i'll post. WOW...that's all i have to say!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


no, not matthews. dave ramsey. i am officially on the dave ramsey plan. (if you're not familiar, do yourself a favor!) so, here goes. i am not good at sticking to a budget. i tend to "rob peter to pay paul". i'm gonna give it a valiant effort. the goal: get my car paid off and my 2nd mortgage!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

american idol

every freakin year, they suck me in. i'm not proud.

Monday, February 11, 2008


yeah, i'm going there*.

i had a strange realization the other day that seriously jacked with my mind. bush sr. was elected in 1989. if hillary wins (God forbid), this means that the presidential office would have been held between two families in the last 20+ years. this is jacked up. it is insane to think that anything in this country is going to change when we basically continue to reelect the same people. i am ready for change...most people in my generation are ready for change. we want to be inspired. i am not inspired by the state of our country. i am not ready to see more of the same.

*see disclaimer...need i remind you, oakbrook does not necessarily endorse my thoughts.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


so, i haven't written in a while. life has been very challenging lately. i have lost the ability to b.s. and this process of going through life lately has taken me to a new place of raw vulnerability. i'm quite uncomfortable with it. it's good and foreign. i don't write, because i have to face this vulnerability. yeah, i know it's healthy to face inner crap. one of the things i have realized is that anytime we allow ourselves to be refined by God, it's never safe, or comfortable. it's quite the opposite...scary and uncomfortable. i don't like scary or uncomfortable. at the same time i don't want to live safe. so here i am, caught. a good friend, no, a great friend, told me to "keep on keepin' on". at first i heard it and thought, "that's nice". no, there is something deeper here. when life sends you into an almost literal whirlwind, you either remain:

changeless. stagnant. lifeless.

or you "keep on keepin' on":

grow. change. transform.

i know what result i want my life to look like. in the meantime, i'm very uncomfortable. and i don't like it.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


i have a canvas that has been sitting in my house for months now. it has a faint pencil image, but other than that it is blank. it has yet to see the stroke of a paintbrush; the strokes it was meant for, designed for. right now, this painting exists in my mind's eye, and it is beautiful and meaningful. it is inspired and creative. it is a part of me. right now, it is perfect. why, then, am i so apprehensive about finishing the piece? maybe, because once it's "out there" it won't live up to the art in my imagination. maybe, because someone will attach critical words to something, that in my mind is a beautiful piece of who i am, and in that moment i will be the one who is criticized. the bigger question is how many areas of my life remain blank and unpainted because i am afraid they will not live up to some ideal expectation, or i am afraid i may be criticized?

i want to paint life with many strokes and many colors, but what is it that stops me from doing so? i am on a journey to start living life with an easel in front of me and paintbrush in hand.