Saturday, December 29, 2007


i am not a fan of "new year's resolutions". maybe because i've rarely kept one. no, i've never kept one. but this year it feels really important to have some idea of the changes and places i'd like to go in my life. it seems like a good time to do some evaluating and goal-making so to speak. i feel the need to make some new commitments to grow the way i want to this year of 2008. so here they are (in no particular order):

*grow more closely to God, become physically more healthy, pursue a deeper level of emotional health
*days off will truly be days OFF (no work, no email)
*i will arrange for a minimum 4 hours a week that is purely time for myself (reading, with friends)
*i will read a minimum of 1 book per month
*pursue a passion outside of ministry

Friday, December 14, 2007

'tis the season...

...for a little puking. it's been fun around here the past couple of days. mason got sick tuesday night and i started in thursday morning. my mom had to come over to help me. i could never understand how my mom could be so loving when we were sick, knowing she'd inevitably get whatever plague was looming over our i know. you just do it. because your touch and kisses are needed, and because you are the only one who posses the power to make the "yuckies" feel a little better. God bless all the moms who hold back the hair of their puking child and stay up all night and hold their kids til they feel all better. (thanks, mom, i love you)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

what the...?

here is the article:

i am really not even sure what to think or say...comments?

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

i used to hate barney

now i have an 18 month old and barney rocks. (especially the song) funny how kids change your opinions of things. why are adults so ADULT??? my son is teaching me to enjoy the little things in life...

the first snowfall



the funny noise when you blow against someone's stomach

the fact that you can turn a light switch on and off and on and off (electricity really is amazing)


brushing teeth


jumping (the kid really loves to jump!!!)



Christmas ornaments



i hope i can stay this young forever. being an adult is so ADULT!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

leaving a trail

i think we all go through life hoping to leave a mark or legacy if you will. i have yet to meet someone who says that they don't care if their life matters. everyone wants to think that they are doing something...something to leave the world a little better than they found it. we all want to live up to the potential that lies within us. that's some serious pressure! at what point do we wake up and say "i have reached my potential"? i don't think we ever do, and would we ever really want to? at that point, what's the point?

i love the Emerson quote that this blog was inspired by..."do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." i believe two things about the "path" that are unrelated and completely related...

1.) the path is where true potential is found. it's about finding your own unique contribution. the thing only you can do. the thing that you do to leave your fingerprint on this earth, and more importantly beyond this earth. if you follow the masses on the path, to the places that are obvious, will you discover what God has created you to do? possibly. but, what if you take the road less traveled?

2.) the path is all about following God. the Bible is full of those who left trails...this is why thousands of years later we are still talking about them. many of them took the road less traveled.

i want to leave a trail. i don't want to follow the path. i want to do all the things God created me to do, and that happens on the trail.