Tuesday, June 10, 2008


i haven't blogged in a while! OOPS! here's the deal...it's no secret that ol' k-town is lacking in culture and valuable experiences, so instead of sitting around bitching about it, i decided to make a list of things to do this summer. i need some help! if you know of anything in the indy area i should add, or how to direct my list, please let me know!

farmers market (looking for a good one)
art museum
childrens museum
new library
really good italian restaurant (no chains)

recommend away...


Drama Mama said...



Little ole Greentown has a great authentic Italian restaurant called "Salvo's". The guy came to the U.S. a few years ago and he opened this place about a year ago. It's really good! A little pricey, but good food and some great wine too if you enjoy a little with your meal.

I haven't been to Comedy Sportz in Indy yet, but they are on my list. It's an improv club run by professionals in Indy. It's also a nationwide chain as well, but locally owned and run. I have chatted with the owners a few time because they also teach improv and give drama seminars to high schoolers. Check out their website some time.

Happy Summer!

morgan young said...

If you like baseball an Indians game is great cheap fun. With the great cool weather we're having there's nothing like walking around Broadripple and stopping in an outdoor cafe like the Corner Wine Bar, the Cooker or Bazbeau's. Or just go for a walk or bike ride on the Monon Trail.