Monday, August 25, 2008

my dark cloud friend

in honor of jermtech week:

jermtech is a dark cloud friend
he'll be the dark cloud til the end
when he sits on the dark cloud couch
he sits up straight, he does not slouch

he makes all of those around him think
and may do so through a link
some people may call him cynical
but he just may be at his pinnacle

jermtech is a talented guy
the only thing he can't do is fly
he loves music and he loves tech
but his mercy gifts are a train wreck

his office may be a bit messy at times
i think he really loves mimes
he loves God and loves his wife
and has two beautiful daughters in his life

this week is to honor our friend
who would be there for us til the end
you may not see him cryin'
because to jermtech it's "dark cloud or die tryin'"


Gretchen said...

this is pretty shocking, how much time did this take?

sarah m. said...

not too long! i am artsymom31. lol!