Friday, August 22, 2008

love to LOVE

i love to LOVE sharpies. all of the colors?!? the array of writing utensils?!? i use them all the time for almost every task. they are my favorite thing to write with. and i love to LOVE that they come in so many colors that i can do different things with different colors. also, i get bored with writing in one color all of the time. i like to switch it up with my mood, and sharpies allow me to do that! love to LOVE them!!!


collino said...

Sharpies are great for signing autographs for all of my fans. You can't forget the obligatory scripture reference under the signature.

For real tho, sharpies are great tools. They give life meaning

Torres is the Last name and... said...

Sharpies have to be one of God's finest inventions...its true. I always have the Sharpie rainbow near by when I sit down to write. All other writing utnesils are definitely inferior.

The green's and pinks typically wear out first, but all the other colors will shortly die out too. I've gone through 2 sets in one year...well maybe a year and half.