Friday, August 15, 2008

love to LOVE

i love to LOVE camelbak water bottles. they are spill proof and most importantly bpa free. i find them superior to nalgene because there is a spout instead of a screw cap, which is kind of a pain. my sister introduced me to these fantastic bottles. they run around $13, but are MUCH better for the environment and will save mucho $$$ on bottled water!


Gretchen said...

my favorite thing about these are that they're BPA free! I love my Nalgene, I have been using them since college , so 8 years now.....but I have to change to a BPA free version....I will check these out!

Mr. Piro said...

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Gretchen said...

Let's see another love to love it.

collino said...

I was thinking about buying one of these so I could pour my bottled reverse-osmosis filtrated water in it, so I could feel chic, but also appear to respect the environment.